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How To Communicate In Body Language

Communication is the method of exchanging messages between two or more people. But words are not the only effective means of talking to another person. The use of body language is a type of nonverbal communication wherein one would use his body to express. This includes the gestures, posture, facial expression, and eye contact. The fact is that all of us are unaware most of the time that we are already sending signals and conveying messages.

Let Your Eyes Speak

The eyes are truly the windows of the soul. It can speak louder than any body movements, even words. The power that the eyes have is that they are truly expressive; no matter what we say, the eyes will prove one's sincerity or honesty.

The eye contact is a very strong reinforcement of your current situation. When the other person is talking and you are maintaining eye contact, it signifies that you are listening to her and you are interested in the conversation. When you are the one talking, eye contact indicates that you are being honest and sincere about what you are saying.

Your eyes can also show that you are undergoing boredom, anxiety, distraction, and lack of interest. Boredom and lack of interest is reflected when the eyes are dull or would break the eye contact and wander around the room. Distraction is also indicated by the sudden break of eye contact and the eyes will be directed to the source of distraction. Meanwhile, anxiety or tension is evident when there is an increase in one's blinking rate.

How You Can Impress Or Convince

It is simple to give a good impression by using body language. A good posture when sitting or standing is essential. Always remember not to slouch. Some people usually regard it as laziness or boredom. When sitting down, do not sit at the edge of the chair. This would make your back look stiffer thus making you look nervous. As much as possible, do not cross you legs as well. If you do so, make sure the direction of your body is towards the other person. When standing, avoid putting your hands in your pocket or crossing your arms over the chest.

You can also impress by giving a firm handshake with eye contact and a slight smile. This action will reflect that you are confident and comfortable. Hand gestures while talking is also a positive body language; it signifies that you know what you are talking about. But avoid too much hand gestures since it might distract the other person from focusing on what you are saying.

Give Signals Of Interest And Attraction

As stated above, long eye contact is one of the strongest signal of interest. Breaking eye contact and then going back again is a sign of interest being exchanged by two people who do not know each other yet. It is an act of eye body language used in flirting.

Other signs that you may use to show your interest includes leaning or directing the body towards the other person and nodding the head, which means “I agree” or “Go on, continue”.

Communicate In A Foreign Body Language

When you are visiting a foreign country or communicating with a foreigner, it is essential that you have a background on their culture and acceptable body language. Prolonged eye contact may be a sign of interest generally, but some Asian countries find it as intimidating and rude. Thus, learn how to communicate through body language appropriately to gain respect and good impression from other people.


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