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Importance of Body Language In An Attraction

Communication will never be effective without body language. Words only make out 7% of the communication process and speech particulars (voice, intonation, pacing) make out 38%. The rest of the 55% comes from the body gestures, movements, and facial expressions.

The first signs of attraction that a person usually sends to another comes from the body, not the mouth. Actions do indeed speak louder than words. Body language is significant in attraction because most of us are hesitant in telling our inner feelings. So why not let our bodies speak for us?

Common Signs Of Attraction

One can show his or her attraction to another person through eye contact. A brief eye contact may not mean anything, but if it would last longer than it should, it may be a definitive sign of attraction. Note if he would look back as well. Even though your eye met for a few seconds but if he would not look back again, it means he may not be attracted to you.

Simple gestures of smiling and closing the distance between both of you are strong signals of attraction as well. That person would tend too lean forward or the direction of his or her body would be towards you. Touching from time to time is also a way of showing this feeling; sometimes he or she would accidentally brush against you just to have that physical contact.

The Most Attractive Body Language

A confident body language could always attract anybody from any gender. It is rare for somebody who prefers a person with a poor posture and mishandled gestures; these signify low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

Show confidence by giving a firm handshake, maintaining a good posture, and proper use of gestures. These reflects a high self-image. Develop these practice of body language, and you will be successful in meeting new people.

Difference Of Men And Women

Men and women definitely have different ways of showing each other how they feel. Women usually show more obvious signs. They would try to make themselves look more attractive by adjusting their clothes, smoothening the skirt, and the like. They would twirl or play with their hair, cross and uncross their legs, and rock their leg back and forth with the sandal hanging on the toes. These are playful gestures but they are effective signals of attraction.

On the other hand, men would show their prowess by showing off their masculinity through their “macho” posture. This posture is done by standing taller and squaring the shoulders back. Some men would hook their thumbs into their belt to emphasize their masculinity more. Unconscious gestures done by men when interacting with the person they are attracted to include touching the tie and raising the eyebrows.

It Could Be A Waste Of Time

After giving hints that you are into this person, how would you know if he or she is not attracted to you? A person, consciously or unconsciously, could give signs saying, “No. I really am not interested.” If a person can't tell you directly through words, then look for signs from his or her body language.

Lack of eye contact, forced or fake smiles, frequent sighing, looking around except at you, and the like – if you are given these signals of annoyance or lack of interest, then consider it as a waste of time.


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