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The Body Language Of Men

Men are indeed much more difficult to read compared to women. It is because they are less expressive and have reserved facial expressions. Fact is you cannot know a man well enough without interaction for a period of time. But here are some tips on the interpretations on the typical acts of male body language. By understanding men, you will know when he is flirting and the normal male behavior; in the end, you may find men's behavior less annoying and less difficult to read.

Typical Acts Of Men

There are only a few signs of body language common among males, these include reserved facial expression, head tilting, fidgeting, finger pointing, and direct confrontation.

Men are less expressive than women. It is rare that a man's face will truly brighten. But nonetheless, their eyes are never dull when they are interested on something or someone. A man would also tend to tilt the head during a conversation. It does not mean anything negative it is just typically male. They usually also cannot stay still, thus they fidget and move around more than women do.

Pointing a finger at someone has always been regarded as a rude act. But this gesture comes naturally in men. They usually do this when they want to emphasize what they are saying. Men also usually does not walk away from conflict or arguments. They would confront you directly by facing you with an intense look in the eye, but there are times when they would simply walk away.

Signs That He's Attracted To Me

Men's flirting actions are not that obvious compared to women. But when he is looking at you with a certain brightness accompanied with a smile, he definitely is into you. Raising the eyebrows are flirting signals as well, but observe if he raises his eyebrows at anyone or only at you. Men also would love to close the distance between the woman he likes and himself. He loves to lean forward and whisper in her ear just to be closer.

Bottom line is, when a man treats you differently than he usually treats other people, he is attracted to you. Do not immediately interpret that a man's tender actions towards you already indicates flirtation. He may be the same with other people.

Masculinity: The Macho Pose

Men usually shows their prowess by doing the macho pose. They would try to stand or sit tall, square their shoulder, and hook their thumbs into the belt. Stroking his tie and putting the hands on the waist are also gestures indicating masculinity.

I Am In Control.

A typical male wants to show that he is the boss or he is in control in any situation. Before a man closes a distance between himself and the other person involved, he would first stand a little farther. This allows him to make observations about the situation, and when he has gotten control of it, he would move closer. They also tend to lean back when listening, except when the person is the woman he is attracted to.

Women usually get annoyed with how bland or unsatisfying men's methods are in treating them. But it is indeed a fact that most men are alike in terms of body language. Male body language is difficult to analyze if you only have literal means of reading them. One way to truly understand a man is to interact with them and explore their personalities.


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