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The Body Language Of Women

Most men usually complains that women are difficult to read because women do not usually tell how they really feel except when they are confronted. But did you know that women send signals of body language five times stronger than men? You will see that the female body language is easy to read.

How To Read The Female Body Language

The easiest way to read a woman is by finding signs of emotions. Do not just look for one sign; look for a cluster of signals. For example, you cannot tell if a woman is into you by an eye contact only. It must be accompanied with a smile, preening, and the like. That one sign may have been a gesture she has gotten used to, so do not interpret it immediately.

Is She Flirting?

The most typical signal that a woman is flirting with you is preening. She would always like to look her best for you. She would adjust her clothes, check her buttons, or smoothen her skirt. She also plays with her hair, twirl her finger into a few strands, and even toss it over her shoulder especially when she could show some bare skin.

If you are across the room from her, you will know that she is into you as well if she keeps glancing over. The eye contact she makes is usually longer than usual and then would look down with a flattered or embarrassed smile. Men usually loves that action.

Women also do a good job in catching their men's attention with movements of their lips. A strong lip flirting signal is when she would bite or lick her lips ever so slowly. It also works when she would drink from a glass or eat in a slow motion manner. Make sure this is done while she is looking at you, and not at somebody else!

But the best sign of flirting is when she laughs at your jokes and touches you from time to time. They even would pretend brushing past you accidentally to get that magic touch. Other signs of flirting that she would show is crossing and uncrossing her legs, leaning and whispering, dangling her high-heeled shoes at her toes, and always flashing a smile.

She's Saying Yes

It is a definite signal of invitation when she keeps looking back at you. A smile would strengthen the signal of attraction. You will know she is interested in your interaction if she keeps that eye contact even if she's playing with something with her hand, like her drinking glass or her hair. There is a certain glow in a woman's eyes and facial expression when she likes a particular person. Another sign is when she would step closer to you or touch you.

She's Saying No

The strongest sign that a woman is annoyed, uninterested, and bothered by you is a fierce look with the arms crossed. But there are women who are kind enough to be just civil, especially during a blind date with the wrong guy. Observe her eyes. See if the glow is there or if they are dull and inexpressive, even when she smiles (the smiles are usually forced). And even of there is eye contact, but she keeps on breaking it and tries to look around the room, she may be thinking of reasons to go home earlier than expected.

Female body language is not that difficult to read. If you know what a woman is thinking, then you will know which step to do: to approach her or try your moves on somebody else.


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